When and where is the Book Sale?
The Annual Book Sale has traditionally been held on the first weekend in June.  However, the situation with Covid-19 has necessitated some flexibility in scheduling, and the 2021 Book Sale was held the second weekend of June.

In 2021, and again in 2022, the Annual Book Sale is being held at the old Hurd School at Cordis and Pleasant, Wakefield. Please stay tuned for announcements about the 2022 book sale.

What can I donate to the Book Sale?
• Books
• Antique books or collections
• Vintage magazines (pristine condition only, please)
• Graphic novels, comic books
• Audio Books


What is not accepted?
• The Friends have stopped accepting CDs, DVDs and vinyl records

• Textbooks
• Encyclopedias
• Magazines
• Damaged or musty books
• VHS tapes
• Abridged or condensed books

When and where can I drop off donations?
The Friends announce book donation drops periodically.  Please look for email communications and announcements on the home page of this website, social media, or the Daily Item. Please email for more information.

Where do unsold books go after the Book Sale?
Many are used for the follow-up Book give-aways at the Festival by the Lake and Farmers Market. We also work with many local non-profits who gratefully select materials to support other local, and even international, outreach projects.

Who should I contact about helping?  
For more information or to volunteer, please contact the Friends' volunteer coordinator at